Friday, September 16, 2005


Is this even English

I was reading a news item about cricket and realized I knew all the words -- but it still didn't make any sense.

"He hit seven sixes and 15 fours, faced 187 balls and batted for four and three-quarter hours, helping to put on 60 for the sixth wicket with Paul Collingwood and 109 for the seventh with Ashley Giles."

Not that cricket ever really caught on at home when I was growing up -- it just wasn't televised enough back then for Mom to get us interested . . . like she did with hockey, football and horse-racing!

I'm now amazed to realize that she even knew the rules of that very perplexing game, and it makes me wonder how she knew??? Maybe next time I'm visiting my in-laws in Mississauga, I'll ask my bro-in-law for a crash course!


Friday, August 26, 2005


MD, yes andym -- I mean you . . .

It's interesting that when we met in 1997, I really never wanted to get married again -- been there, done that, got the house! That said, it was apparent in a few short months that I would do a lot to make sure this man was by my side for as long as possible! Even marriage!

The other day, I told MD that he was the best husband in the world. He asked why and made me list all the reasons. Then suggested that it was blog worthy -- because he really is that modest! I said that went against our blogging rules (not blogging about each other) and he said that this one time was a good exception.

So, here it goes:
MD is the greatest husband in the world because he (is):
isn't mean to others, considerate, knows when I'm feeling crappy without me saying so, cooks cleans and does laundry and dishes without being asked, funny, intelligent, ambitious without losing his soul, and I don't call him MD for nothing! (if you have to ask -- I won't be answering!)

There are a lot of other things but on top of everything else, he's just a really nice, fabulous person to call 'friend'. The fact that I also get to call him husband is a big bonus.


Thursday, August 25, 2005


Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Beautiful ain't it!

MacLean's may have rated the local university -- St. Francis Xavier -- #1 but as my family knows, I am not enamoured with this quaint little town on the east coast of Canada. This was also where mom called home during her formative years and as a result, I grew up with more than a few stories about what it was like living in a small Maritime town during the depression.

I've been to Antigonish exactly four times. The first time was for my grandmother's funeral -- and if something could go wrong it did on that trip! I won't go into details because I may turn it into a great Canadian novel! My maternal grandmother came to live with us after my dad died. Nana's story is an amazing one -- unfortunately I didn't realize that until it was too late to speak with her -- but I'll do what I can to recall some details and post them another time.

The second time was the following year -- Mom decided to reconnect with her roots and we vacationed at a little cottage on Mahone Bay. The vacation was fine -- but the travelling part sucked! Again, I won't go into details because it just might work as a good follow-up novel!

The third and fourth time was about two years ago. Yes that's right -- third and fourth -- and I might add --it was under duress. You see -- I lost a deal I made with MD. I wanted to go to the Bay of Fundy because I had never been there, he wanted to go to Antigonish -- to see the setting of the previous two stories. Once more, I won't go into all the gory details, because as we all know, trilogies are where it's at (literarily speaking). And this is the trip that convinced me never to go back to Antigonish --EVER!! Sorry, you'll have to read the book(s)!

Now for the reason for this post -- the other day I was going through some papers and came across a printout of an email I sent to family and friends outlining my 3rd and 4th trip to Antigonish. I sat down and re-read the damnable thing and imagine my uttermost 'holy crap' expression when I came across the sentence: "I'd rather give up my liver than do business with Irving!" (In regards to a potentially very expensive car repair!)

Now, 2 years later, I've been diagnosed with liver disease. Nothing overly serious -- I have to eat better and exercise more and of course, I'm not supposed to drink anymore (but I never over did it much in that department anyway.) My point is I was JOKING! It was a figure of speak!

All I can think of these days is a 'figure of speak' that Nana used all the time: "you're so slow, you're going to be late for your own funeral." The creep-me out thing is -- she was late for her's!!!! Like I said, you'll have to wait for the book for the whole story. See trip one -- book release date TBD!


jonathon livingston seagull

Every work day at about 9:30, just about my whole section goes for morning break together. I've worked as a public servant for almost 18 years and never encountered this before. It's nice. Sometimes this is the only time during the day that we speak to some of our co-workers -- but it's serves at a fabulous opportunity to build bonds that go well beyond mere colleagues.

The other day at break we were discussing books. One of my colleagues (Gomez) asked something like "do you have a favourite book that you re-read over and over?" A number of books immediately came to mind -- like anything by Mercedes Lackey and the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon -- but that's not what I responded with.

I said "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" without hesitating -- and followed up by saying that I've probably read that particular book about 20 times. So Gomez follows up with "why do you like that book so much?" (he's one of those unnervingly deep people -- but I like him anyway!)

At first, I couldn't remember and really had to think about it. This is one of those things I blogged in my head the other day! I originally said that I'd probably have to re-read it again to answer the question. I haven't done that yet -- but having given the matter some thought, I can say this much:

I believe I just really like the life lessons the book was trying to illustrate even if it was in an allegorical way. What else can I say? The book saw me through some tough years, and if I didn't already know the lessons listed above -- they certainly illustrated them in beautifully written prose!

I didn't realize it until I was re-reading this post -- I raised JLS!! Hat's off to you Rem!

I'll have to track down my copy -- it's been moved more than a couple of times -- and give it another read. Afterwards, I'll pass it on to Gomez!


I'm not a blogaphobe . . .

but it seems that the computer I'm most comfortable working on is the one at work. I only like playing games on our home PC -- when MD isn't in there blogging!

In order to accomplish my goal of blogging more - and not just in my head during the commute to and from work - I've come up with a compromise: I'll compose at work (breaks/lunch only) and then post from home.

Now that the logistics are worked out . . . I'm deciding on what I'll actually post about. I can't talk about my job -- sorry MD you're still going to be my sounding board on that score -- but there are some things I either need or want to write about. Religious wing-nuts and the occaissional political comment aside, I'll likely write just little comments about my life: past, present and future! Besides, one free-lancing political pundit in the household is more than enough (especially when we're like-minded!) More than likely I'll also rant once in awhile about things that bother me - but I'm pretty sure that's why most people start these things.

Currently, MD and I are searching for a new addition to our family. No, I'm not looking to get pregnant. In previous posts, you will find that we lost our dearest companion in May. Our thoughts still constantly turn to her -- especially if we happen to drop anything edible on the floor -- or eat pizza! That said, we think that we're ready to bring home a new friend with hopes that whatever dog we find will be half as nice.

If anyone knows a good, reputable breeder of chow chows -- let me know! I found a wonderful quote but I have no idea who it's from:

“We can safely say that once a person owns and loves a Chow, no other breed of dog will provide the same satisfaction. The combination of selective devotion and thoughtful obedience won by working with this intelligent, willful breed is habit-forming.”

I couldn't agree more. Not that our little girl didn't have some attitude issues -- she was sweet enough with humans, it was dogs larger than dachshundnd that she had problems with! But that hasn't deterred me at all in wanting another Chow. I've even checked out puppy daycare to make sure she'll be properly socialized with other dogs!


Monday, July 18, 2005

I am 2% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.
Take the
Idiot Test
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


What a dolt!?

Do you ever feel that by blogging about something that you feel is getting too much media coverage (step forward Michael, Tom and Bradgelina) that all you're doing is perpetuating the problem?

That being said:

Tom -- for Christ's sake -- grow up. I'd like to see what Tom Green would have squirted you with, you big baby!

Gawd that felt good!

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